Center for Developmental Adoption Medicine
1400 Old York Road, Suite D
Abington, PA 19001
phone: 1-888-817-7303
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August 2006
New Center Helps Adoptive Families

More than 200,000 children are adopted internationally and domestically each year. "With them come individual and often complex health, medical, devel­opmental, and psychological/behavior issues. These issues can not only affect the child's development, but impact the entire family.

The Center of Developmental Adoption Medicine, located at 1400 Old York Rd. Suite D, Abington Pa, 19001, was created by Dr. Davida Harlem in response to the increasing necessity to unite multiple disciplines to best serve the needs and issues associated with the adopted child.

The goals of Developmental Adoption Medicine are to provide pre-adoption guidance and post-adoption services that will guide and support both parents and children through all stages of development.

Following a comprehensive medical evaluation from the child's pediatrician, the Center of Developmental Adoption Medicine will address issues associated with social/emotional, cognitive, language and motor skills. Concerns regarding transitional issues will also be addressed. For older children, therapeutic services, psychological evaluations and strategies for behavioral intervention are offered.

Before adoption, prospective parents will be taught what to look for and what questions to ask during the pre-adoption process. Questions will be addressed regarding potential developmental and emotional needs, and guidance will be provided for the parent(s) in their efforts to minimize transitional issues.

Comprehensive post-adoption developmental, neuromotor and additional supportive evaluations offer essential information for the parent(s) in order to identify their child's strengths and compe­tencies as well as their weaknesses.

The Center of Developmental Adoption Medicine will continue to work with parents and their child with consul­tations with the child's school and other professionals to provide the parents with a feeling of being "in control" with their child's present and future developmental progress.

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