Center for Developmental Adoption Medicine
1400 Old York Road, Suite D
Abington, PA 19001
phone: 1-888-817-7303
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About Our Practice
The CENTER for DEVELOPMENTAL ADOPTION MEDICINE was created by Dr. Davida Harlem in response to the increasing necessity to unite multiple disciplines to best serve the needs and issues associated with the adopted child. Whether you are approaching parenthood for the first time or are a veteran of sleepless nights, you will soon learn that each child comes to you with unique personality traits and a package of strengths and weaknesses that are reflected in their developmental and learning styles.

The more than 20,000 internationally and domestically adopted children each year bring with them individual and often complex health, medical, developmental, and psychological/behavioral issues. These issues can affect not only the child’s development, but impact the entire family. High risk factors including the birth mother’s health and care during pregnancy, malnutrition, social and emotional deprivation in institutionalized care, and inadequate medical attention can impact your child’s readiness to respond to their new environment.

If you are fortunate enough to have adopted a child, the love and care you provide are the most important and powerful tools in ensuring emotional and physical health. Studies have shown that children, who have experienced periods of deprivation maintain and preserve an adaptive capacity that enables them to thrive in a stable, loving, and guiding home.